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REVO Party Barge Cooler | Pink Coral | Made in USA


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The Party Barge Cooler - Pink Coral

Experience entertaining with an exciting REVO Party Cooler, that displays like a vending machine on ice.  It provides easy access without getting cold hands from digging through ice.  The multiple compartments and condiment trays provide unlimited displays.  Any compartment can be used as a large ice bucket that won't require refilling.  The premium insulation means no condensation or wet surfaces and ice lasts longer.  It’s an All-In-One Bar Station that makes it easy for anyone to elegantly put on a spread.  With the inviting display, everything is visible with a catered feel.  If you host parties, you have probably had issues with ice buckets not being large enough, guests digging in your fridge or an outdoor cooler for beverages, or having a metal drink tub condensate leaving a wet surface and floor.  REVO Party Coolers solve everything and your guests will love the inviting display.

This multi-use insulated beverage tub is perfect for Home Entertaining (inside or outside) and great for Tailgating.  They also float in pools for a fun swim up bar.  In Commercial Use, it's a great asset in bar services and it can also be a self-serve beverage station (ex: Mimosa bar, Bloody Mary bar, Wine bar, etc).
* 3 individually insulated compartments for variety of display.
* Complete bar station and can use a compartment as a large ice bucket. 
* 44” length provides easy access.
* Available in multiple colors.
* Made in USA
* Hand grips for easy mobility.
* They are also a floating cooler.
44” x 11” x 7.5”h  and  15 lbs.
Holds 39 bottles/cans or 19 bottles of wine
2 condiment trays and  aluminum ice scoop. 
(condiment trays are dishwasher safe - ice scoop is hand wash only)